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Wedges - NewLook

The biggest challenge for fashionable girls is being short. Being one of them I'd like to share a few points. Heels make such a difference, I can go from the casual girl next door to Miss. Ten foot tall. I recommend these tips if your under 5'4.

Massive Wedges underneath worn in the park! Trust me they are stable
We all know heels add height. But Industry professionals call them a sex object. We can link that phrase to being a sex object because we look better with heels. But what is it actually doing for us. From my experience these are things I've noticed.

  • Bigger Backside - Tiptoe and you'll see
  • Leg length - They will make you taller of course, but they will make tone your thighs and make them leaner
  • Brighter face - Now this is one of my favourties. When I'm not wearing heels, more shadows are caused on my face, creating the illusion of less even makeup, and showing up bags and other imperfections. When you put a pair on, you will instantly be closer to lighting. Give it a go right now!
  • Edge - They make ou strut, instantly making you look more fashionable, confident and sexy. You can wear the simplest thing but look the most coolest if you just put a pair of heels on.
  • Slimming - My faaaav reason for wearing heels. You will literally look so much slimmer its amazing.
  • Scientifical Fact - Taller people get better pay, achieve attention and are emotionally more stabled!
 We need something that will go with all kinds of outfits. We have busy young lives. We drive, eat, work, talk and walk all at the same time. So I would recommend to go with the classic look. I would invest in shoes -right now- because they are in trend. The Wedge. Stop thinking about a beachy wedge of of cheap straw. I'll make sure you only buy the best.

Believe me, these shoes will stand out. Suade instantly gives a texture to your outfit as we dont wear alot of suade clothing. What these will do to you is show your not afraid of colour, they are fresh, and stand out more then black believe it or not. They look high,  but there is a platform inside the shoe that should take care of any wobbles. The strap at the top should also give an enormous amount of support, thus the reason for the high heel. The best bit about this shoe is the design. The space showing your foot is like flashing. It triggers the mind to think 'ooo aye'.
(£29.99 - NewLook - Also in Black)

Vintage never gets old. This is a more classic take on the wedge. If you like having an intresting look or you own lots of cute dresses, this shape should be your best friend. The tilt at the front is because it is almost the same as walking in flats. If you look carefully in the middle of the shoe you can see how much you will be on a tilt. But even when on a tilt, your not balancing due to the full wedge unlike the ones above which is a heel.
(£34.99 - NewLook - Also in Deep Red and Black)

Dream shoes! I bought these myself and to be honest they are one of my best purchases. The leapord design never goes out of fashion but it is also a different way of wearing them. You can wear them in the bright sun, the freezing cold and in day or night. They look huge but they work the magic points I've mentioned before. They have a hidden platform so you won't be falling over dont worry. The width of the heel and the fact they are ankle boots also will make it easier to wear. There is also a funky gold zip at the side.
(£20.00 NewLook)

The Kardashians is a family who we all know, know how to dress for their size. And that will be coming in the next post
Edit: After being featured in Fusion Magazine this will be a very special feature which like all things good, you'll have to wait a little time until I'm back from my Haitus :P

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